Apep Apep

Basic Attack
Spits acid at enemies to deal 30 damage every 2.5 sec
  • Gift of the Serpent God
    Put a random 2 mana Minion card in Apep's deck and reduce its mana cost by 2.
  • Shield Totem
    Add the card Shield Totem to Apeps deck.
  • Greater Gift of the Serpent God
    Put a random 4 mana Minion card in Apep's deck and reduce its mana cost by 4.

King Puff King Puff

Basic Attack
A slow but powerful attack dealing 75 damage to a single unit every 2.5sec, with a range of 8. (DPS: 30)
  • Trick Swap
    Add the card Trick Swap to King Puffs deck.
  • King Buff
    King Puff’s 4 and 5 mana Minion cards gain either Rage or Shield when played.
  • Bridge Shield
    King Puff marks the bottom bridge and is immune to damage when controlling the marked bridge. Trick Swap moves the mark.

Mordar Mordar

Basic Attack
Deals 10 damage to all enemies on his side of the arena. He attacks faster and faster (from every 4 sec to 1 sec).
  • Tombstone
    Add the card Tombstone to Mordars deck.
  • Another Tombstone
    Add another Tombstone card to Mordar\'s deck.
  • Vengeful Dead
    All minions raised by a Tombstone gain Frenzy

Milloween Milloween

Basic Attack
Fire 3 arcane sparks at nearby enemies, every 2 seconds for 8 damage each. For each spell in hand, Milloween fires an additional spark. With 10 range
  • Arcane Golem
    Add the card Arcane Golem to Milloween's deck.
  • Arcane Missiles
    Add the card Arcane Missiles to Milloween's deck.
  • Xanian Construct
    Arcane Golem's minimum level is now 5.

Ratbo Ratbo

Basic Attack
Fires a barrage of bullets at enemies from a range of 10, every 0.3 sec for 6 damage.
  • Scrats!
    Summons a Scrat every time Ratbo plays a minion card.
  • More Dakka!
    Add the card More Dakka! to Ratbo's deck.
  • Scrats! Scrats!
    Summons another Scrat every time Ratbo plays a minion card.

Ravager Ravager

Basic Attack
Extremely fast claw attacks. Deals 10 damage every 0.3 sec., but has a very short range of 4.5. (DPS: 33,33)
  • Best Buds
    Ravager summons his powerful ally Brutus.
  • Feeding Frenzy
    Friendly minions with less than 50% health gain Frenzy
    Ravager summons his most powerful ally TERROR BRUTUS.

Settsu Settsu

Basic Attack
Settsu fires her range 10 Pulse Rifle once per second for 40 damage. After 5 shots she has to reload for 5 seconds. (DPS: 20 with reload, 40 without reload)
  • Blast Entry
    Add the card Blast Entry to Settsu's deck.
  • Combat Reload
    When Settsu casts a Spell, she instantly reloads her gun
  • High Powered Laser
    Settsu's first shot after a reload deals double damage, pierces enemies and stuns them for 3 seconds

Stormbringer Stormbringer

Basic Attack
Fires bolts of lightning every 4 sec for 35 damage. Has a long range of 20.
  • Long Shot
    Stormbringer gains global attack range.
  • Aerodynamics
    All ranged friendlies gain Marksmanship
  • Lightning Reflexes
    Stormbringer gains double attack speed.

Volco Volco

Basic Attack
Deals 40 area GROUND damage with his hammer every 2.5 sec. Has a range of 10.. Hammer Time! (DPS: 16)
  • Afterburner
    When Volco holds the Marked bridge and plays a card, he fires a firebolt at the enemy Master dealing 60 damage.
  • Burn The Bridges
    Add the card Burn The Bridges to Volcos deck.
  • Tempers Flaring
    All friendly melee units have Rage!

Diona Diona

Basic Attack
Rapidly fires bolts from her dual crossbows for 20 damage every 1 sec with a range of 10. Lays a Bear Trap every 20 seconds.
  • Art of the Hunt
    Add a Trap card to Diona’s deck. The card alternates between Crossbow Trap and Decoy Trap with each draw.
  • Fetch!
    Every 10 seconds, Ruffles will run to a killed enemy Minion and dig up a prize.
  • Thrill of the Hunt
    Adds another Trap card to Diona’s deck.

Morellia Morellia

Basic Attack
Necrotic Touch. Channels a beam of necrotic energy for 5 damage every 0.3 seconds with 10 range.
  • Book of the Dead
    Adds a One-use Card, Book of the Dead, to the top of Morellia's deck every 25 seconds.
  • Unholy Bargain
    Morellia unlocks the deepest mysteries from the sentinent Book of the Dead, empowering its effects:
  • Queen's Dragon
    Add the card Queen's Dragon to Morellia's deck. Can only be played once.