King Puff Big Dick Wins

Good deck, got me to plat 4. If I had the shards/cards I would take out Soul Stealer and Whirly or Fire Imp to put in a Blastmancer and Morgrul. If someone can test that out and see if it works, please notify me because I think it would be very good but as I said, I cannot test those for myself. Alternatively, if you are missing Scott, Flightless Dragons serve as a suitable tank destroyer and DPS to the enemy master. Drones can be replaced by another 4 or 5 mana minion that can hit flying guys, preferably one that is flying. Core Cards in this deck: -Dragon Ball: After the change to the card for the requirement to go from a 3 mana minion to a 4 mana one, it's power is still utilized within Puff decks. -Spear Throwers: I'd reccomend at the very least 2, as they have well rounded stats, can be divided to take both bridges, and utilize both Puff buffs very well. -Fire Imp, Defenso Chopper, Whirly Scrat: Good minions that can handle groups well. If you are going to drop one of them I'd recommend dropping Fire Imp and putting in Flightless Dragons or a solid minion such as Morgrul.

Minion 9
Spell 0
Building 0
Hits Air 2
Legendary : 1
Supreme : 1
Rare : 2
Common : 6
Type 1 vs 1
Author CombatLlama
Creation date November 12, 2018 18:07
Updated date
Thumbs 1 0
Views 736
Avg Mana Cost 4.5
Craft cost 3050

Card list

Drone Buzzers
Fire Imp
Spear Throwers
Spear Throwers
Spear Throwers
Whirly Scrat
Defenso Chopper
Scott The Sensitive Savage
Soul Stealer
Dragon Ball


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