Melloween (Spells)

Deck is meant to be played defensively until you are able to build up Milloween's Arcane Golem with the various spells you have available. I have made some alterations since making this build, but this build has gotten me up to Platinum Rank 2 currently and still climbing. I do have Bahra the Witchwolf instead of Blue Golem, but his card isn't available on the site yet.

Minion 0
Spell 0
Building 0
Hits Air 0
Legendary : 0
Supreme : 0
Rare : 0
Common : 0
Type 1 vs 1
Author RaGe0uS
Creation date May 29, 2019 00:21
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Thumbs 0 1
Views 355
Avg Mana Cost NAN
Craft cost 1100

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